Blueberry picking is something I only do at camp. Not that I wouldn’t do it anywhere else, or at other times of the year, but it just so happens to be blueberry season in the summer. Sam Mazza’s blueberry farm is magical. I always pick many more blueberries than I should, but this time especially I went way overboard. I had only blueberries for breakfast, snacked on them before (during, and after) every meal, and had a half of a pint left over for the next day. It was a little bit of blueberry overkill, and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to stomach blueberries for quite a while, but it was all worth it. Aside from the blueberries themselves, going through the rows on rows on rows of blueberry bushes is incredibly calming. It’s a perfect escape from busy and downright crazy days at camp.… View Post

Camp is such a magical place. I have 11 incredible 12 year old campers. They tell me I’m a good singer and they laugh at my jokes and they listen to me (most of the time) when I tell them it’s time to wake up or time to go to bed. This year in my bottom bunk my head doesn’t hit the top bunk every time I sit up. This year I also got lucky enough to have the cabin closest to senior beach, where we go for dips during the day and where the sun sets at night.… View Post

The past two weeks have been so, so great. I always forget how much I love Vermont over the school year, but as soon as I come back I so clearly remember. The sunsets have been incredible, especially ones on the beach with the mountains in the background and ones where the sun just peeks through the perfectly parallel rows of pine trees. I really just love it here.
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I know in my last post I said my outfit (minus my shoes) was completely sustainable, but I can actually say this time that my outfit is completely sustainable — including my shoes. Knowing that I’m not hurting the environment or affecting factory workers around the world by wearing certain clothes just feels good, and if I can get to a point where I feel good about wearing everything in my closet, that would just be incredible.… View Post