This post is like the return trip of my New Mexico road trip, or the second half of my weekend (and more specifically, the times not spent sitting in the back seat of a car). We spent our afternoon after balloons walking around Old Albuquerque, taking in everything it had to offer — including the bright turquoise doors that seemed to be on every corner, the classic Pueblo architecture, the most incredible quesadilla I have ever had, and good ‘ole souvenirs. After some much needed sleep and breakfast at McDonalds, we stopped at the Grand Canyon before heading back to school.… View Post

This weekend I took my first college road trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the International Balloon Fiesta. I only found out about the Balloon Fiesta last year when I joined Troy Camp, an organization at USC, because we plan an annual trip down to Albuquerque, but since then it has been towards the top of my college bucket list (and made it onto my real bucket list). Me and four of my other gal pals drove 15 hours (and lost an hour in the time change that we did not know existed until right before we passed the Arizona / New Mexico border) through the night and arrived just in time for the “mass ascension” of balloons at the Balloon Fiesta.
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Last year I got really into Spotify and began religiously making monthly playlists. I finished my Freshman year, however, and have moved onto bigger and better things — seasonal playlists. I started my fall playlist in mid-August, which most definitely is not fall, however I needed a change from my camp playlist which I relied so heavily on this summer. But with the change of seasons actually occurring two days ago, I thought it would be fun to share some of the tunes I’ve been playing on repeat the past few weeks. Putting the “Tunes” back in “Tunes And Tunics” one playlist at a time.
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When I thought about going to school in Los Angeles, this is what I pictured — going to red carpet events, constantly being surrounded by celebrities, and feeling like a star myself. While LA is quite a cool city to be in, the closest I got to this expectation in my first year of college was listening to my friend talk about her class with Miranda Cosgrove. This Sunday, however, I got a little taste of what I thought my four years out West would be like.… View Post

It’s amazing to me how it’s four weeks into school and it’s already midterms season. It starts super early every semester and goes literally through the last day of classes before final exams. With an accounting midterm next Friday and my second big paper of the semester due next week, I already feel like I’ve been here for months. On the other hand, everything else outside from classes has also started happening on a regular basis — my Troy Camp after school art and dance programs have started, my fashion club has our first speaker this week, there have been two free succulent-making events in my dorm, and my sorority Monday night dinners have started up again. … View Post