When I thought about going to school in Los Angeles, this is what I pictured — going to red carpet events, constantly being surrounded by celebrities, and feeling like a star myself. While LA is quite a cool city to be in, the closest I got to this expectation in my first year of college was listening to my friend talk about her class with Miranda Cosgrove. This Sunday, however, I got a little taste of what I thought my four years out West would be like.… View Post

It’s amazing to me how it’s four weeks into school and it’s already midterms season. It starts super early every semester and goes literally through the last day of classes before final exams. With an accounting midterm next Friday and my second big paper of the semester due next week, I already feel like I’ve been here for months. On the other hand, everything else outside from classes has also started happening on a regular basis — my Troy Camp after school art and dance programs have started, my fashion club has our first speaker this week, there have been two free succulent-making events in my dorm, and my sorority Monday night dinners have started up again. … View Post

Camp breeds its own kind of music – a ridiculous mix of Taylor Swift and One Direction, the occasional High School Musical or Camp Rock throwback hit, and the oh-so loved “camp songs”. “Reflections” is one of those songs you can’t listen to without thinking about camp. Read my last ramblings about camp this summer and the music that had me dancing and singing through each day.… View Post

I have proclaimed my love for Downtown Threads many a time on T&T – like when I found these perfect shorts, or jean jacket, or the most ridiculous/incredible tie dye galaxy printed wrap midi skirt, or this leather skirt I completely DIY-ed. Downtown Threads is a truly magical thrift store on Church Street in Burlington, VT. I find myself scouring the racks multiple times each summer for the silliest tie dye, animal tee shirts (like this and this) and more practical articles of clothing like this suede skirt and metallic business-ish top.… View Post

Blueberry picking is something I only do at camp. Not that I wouldn’t do it anywhere else, or at other times of the year, but it just so happens to be blueberry season in the summer. Sam Mazza’s blueberry farm is magical. I always pick many more blueberries than I should, but this time especially I went way overboard. I had only blueberries for breakfast, snacked on them before (during, and after) every meal, and had a half of a pint left over for the next day. It was a little bit of blueberry overkill, and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to stomach blueberries for quite a while, but it was all worth it. Aside from the blueberries themselves, going through the rows on rows on rows of blueberry bushes is incredibly calming. It’s a perfect escape from busy and downright crazy days at camp.… View Post