I’m back with another AC(TEE)VISM post and I’m super excited about these tees. Tees For Bees is the company behind these funky shirts all about saving the bees. Their shirts are ethically made in the USA (can I get a whoop, whoop) and they donate 10% of their sales to – you guessed it – saving the bees.… View Post

I’ve been back at school for three weeks now but I have not stopped listening to my camp playlist. This summer, more than ever, music was central to my camp experience. If you’re missing summer camp like me, or just want to hear some new (and old) tunes on a fancy lil playlist, keep reading.… View Post

I have been in Vermont for the past month and a half working as a camp counselor at a girls sleep away camp (hence the lack of posts and increasingly green Instagram photos). This is my ninth summer at camp, the same camp where I have been a camper, where I trained to be a leader, and where I have been able to lead my own cabin for the last three summers. Although I love the opportunity to unplug each summer and spend my days beneath pine trees and on the shores of Lake Champlain, being among such strong women has been the most incredible part of going to camp each year.… View Post

I have very intense opinions about certain shoes, but over the past two years I have completely changed my mind about my feelings towards different kinds of shoes. I used to cringe at the thought of Birkenstocks, but now I have two pairs and wear them almost every day. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought Chacos were the ugliest shoes in the entire world. Now I am deciding between two different styles to buy. And for as long as I can remember, I’ve hated mules. Even when they became super popular among bloggers, I continued to hate them. I hated them up until the very moment I tried them on and decided to buy these mules. Sure, they aren’t the cutest or most flattering shoes in the world, but they are SO comfortable. The one pair of shoes that I haven’t changed my mind on? Kitten heels. I still really hate those.… View Post

A little over a month ago I found myself in a real pickle – I needed a nice-ish dress for a sorority formal, but I also had a ridiculous sunburn that was beginning to peel and desperately needed to be covered up. I also got it in my head that I wanted to wear a red dress, and I needed it fast, so I went right to Poshmark (as I often do). This dress was originally listed for $26 on Poshmark, but through using the offer button I got the price down to $17! Read more to hear some tips about making offers on Poshmark.… View Post