Monique Lhuillier

Favorite Looks

looks from the show

These were a few of my favorite looks from the show. As you can see, Monique did a great job of creating figure flattering looks with great color.

looks from the show

Thes are a few more of my favorite looks from the show.

What Did I Wear?

what did i wear

I wore a H&M button down short sleeve top with a sequined collar. I took the ends about 2 buttons up from the bottom and tied them in a knot at my waist where the skirt began. I also wore a Carole Little sweater that was previously my mother’s. I borrowed a chiffon printed vintage Sunny Leigh skirt from my friend Abby that her mom used to own. I wore black studded flats from Forever 21.

my outfit

Anyways, Abby and I had a great experience at our first fashion show ever!!


Monique Lhuillier


Forever 21

Carole Little clothing

Sunny Leigh clothing


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