Circle Skirt

Today I did some after Christmas shopping at my local mall. I hit it big at American Apparel. While I only walked out of the store with an itty bitty bag, I am planning on going back and buying a whole closet load of clothes!

The item I did purchase was this light wash denim circle skirt. I’ve been dying for a circle skirt for a long time and I’ve also been dying for a denim skirt, so it was the perfect purchase.

I tried it on with two different striped shirts: a black and white dolman crop top with a big pocket and a black and white striped racerback tank top. I loved both tops, but didn’t bring enough money to pay for everything, so I’m definitely planning on going back and buying them.



The skirt is available here in medium stone!

I’m possibly going for a quick trip to NYC tomorrow afternoon, and then Saturday morning I am off to Florida!

Have a great rest of the week.

Peace n Blessings



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