Daisy Chains

Yesterday, my friends Norah, Christianna and I hit the main strip of Cape May. While wandering the cobblestone streets after we finished our dinner, we spotted a patch of wild daisies just waiting to be picked. IMG_4630

The beautiful little daisies kept us occupied for a good hour and a half. We braided each other’s hair and snipped the daisies short enough to stick them in our braids. I made a simple daisy chain for my friend Christianna! We attracted quite a crowd, I must say. We heard little snippets of peoples’ conversations as we walked by, like “why do they have flowers in their hair”, “look at those flowers” and “she looks like Repunzel!”. Two little girls seemed mystified by our daisy chains and braids, and to see their faces light up when we place daisies behind their ears was priceless. Here are some photos from last night!

My friends Christianna and Norah putting the daisies in my braid.





Christianna’s Daisy Chain.



Norah’s braid.


Me, Christianna and Norah.


Song of the day: “Don’t Let Me Go” I just discovered this soundcloud song written and sung by One Direction’s Harry Styles and his friend Sam McCarthy. I am absolutely in love and I can already tell it will be the only song I will be listening to for the rest of my vacation.

Photography by Kathryn McSherry


Peace n Blessings



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