Dress: Marshalls | Sandals: Marshalls | Scruchie: Vermont Flannel Company

photography by Zoe McPheron 

Updates from camp: First session is over and second session is well underway. I have eleven 12.4-12.9 year old campers. They like having water chugging competitions during meals. They do not like breakfast burritos or rest hour. There are five baby skunks that live under my cabin (and under my window, specifically). They’re cute, but they terrorize the bath house at night and are quite loud during rest hour. Last session it rained so intensely that we could not see out of the windows of the dining hall. The power also went out. That was exciting. I bought a new backpack on my day off — it’s sustainable and it’s blue. I sing my campers to sleep every night. Their favorites so far have been “Bright” by Echosmith and “House of Gold” by Twenty One Pilots. I have decided that, despite the fact that I brought seven baseball hats and two bucket hats to camp, I don’t really like wearing hats. I much prefer flannel scrunchies. They have a lot of those here in Vermont. There are now golden raisins at the oatmeal station in the mornings. These photos were taken on the night of banquet last session. We tried releasing paper lanterns but it was too windy. They all caught on fire. One landed in a tree. Everything was fine. I have yet to successfully guilt any campers into making friendship bracelets for me. My arm is quite bare. I have nine bug bites on my left ankle and none on my right. Jumping pictures are really difficult to take when there are fourteen people involved. Yesterday I saw a weasel running around my cabin. Honey Mustard Pretzels are surprisingly good. The stars are incredibly bright. I could see the Milky Way last night. Two campers wrote down every meal they had at camp last summer. They have successfully predicted each lunch and dinner so far — we’ve learned that breakfast and dessert are total wildcards. Yesterday we bought a snow cone machine for camp. I am way too excited about it. The daily compost announcements at meals are some of my favorite announcements. We love compost here. The amount of girl power is overwhelmingly exciting. We spent an entire evening dressed up as different inspiring women, learned about feminism, and completed an obstacle course to break through the glass ceiling. The girls loved it. I loved it too. DMC’s (deep meaningful conversations) have been daily in some cases among leaders and staff, and many of us here are beginning to adopt gratitude as an attitude. This place is truly magical.


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