False Alarm


Top: Nordstrom BP (borrowed from Brooke) | Skirt: thrifted via. Downtown Threads | Shoes: Chinese Laundry

photography by Brooke Helstrom

It’s amazing to me how it’s four weeks into school and it’s already midterms season. It starts super early every semester and goes literally through the last day of classes before final exams. With an accounting midterm next Friday and my second big paper of the semester due next week, I already feel like I’ve been here for months. On the other hand, everything else outside from classes has also started happening on a regular basis — my Troy Camp after school art and dance programs have started, my fashion club has our first speaker this week, there have been two free succulent-making events in my dorm, and my sorority Monday night dinners have started up again. These photos were taken at MND this week by my lovely roommate, Brooke, who just adores taking photos for T&T. It’s honestly the highlight of her week. She lives and breathes T&T. She also leaves beautifully zoomed in selfies on my camera. That’s friendship though, am I right?

Sustainability & Style

Speaking of roommates (and Brooke), it’s like I have gained a second closet by living with her — our closet this year is literally one long hanging rack. We go “shopping” in each others’ closets almost every day, and even sport each others’ shoes to class. This shirt is c/o Brooke, as well as probably half of the clothes I wear this semester on the blog. Sharing is fun, and it’s also sustainable. Instead of going out and buying a shirt like Brooke’s, I can just wear hers. It takes out a need for consumerism, and over time fosters a habit of creativity and resourcefulness — both of which are traits we need to be more often, especially when dealing with clothes. After we both spent an hour picking out our outfits for the first home football game of the season, we ended up just wearing each others’ clothes. Save time; shop in your roommate’s closet (with their permission, of course).

TL;DR – find a roommate (preferably like Brooke, who will both share clothes with you and take pictures of you in her clothes), share your clothes, and stop buying things you can borrow. If you’re not the sharing type or you and your friends have completely different personal styles, check out ThredUp. It’s like heaven.


False Alarm” by Matoma and Becky Hill has been totally stuck in my head since it was on last week’s Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. It’s such a tune.



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