On January 2nd I got an email from Reformation with the subject “good job, babe”. Knowing their creative newsletter subject copy, I thought the email would be about a new collection of workwear or something. Instead, inside was something much more interesting.
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I can’t even describe how excited I was to escape New York and its single digit wind chills. We thought we’d be trading in our winter coats for the 90 degree weather we experienced in Florida last January, but boy were we wrong. We arrived just in time for the winter bomb to hit, so we’ve been bundled up inside hiding away from the 50 degree windy weather.… View Post

Reformation is one of my all-time favorite brands. They make sustainable fashion so cool that even if you know nothing about sustainable fashion, you still want to wear their clothes. But I’ll be honest, the price point is definitely a bit high for me — I don’t have $200+ to drop on a dress or $150 to spend on denim. Good thing their end-of-year sale is going on now! See my favorite picks and shop responsibly.… View Post

I’ve recently graduated from summer camp friendship bracelets and have started a real bracelet collection. I thought it was about time to step up my watch game, too. Lucky for me, Christmas came early. I’ve teamed up with JORD, a wood watch company, to serve up some good-lookin’ (and all-natural) holiday gift inspo.… View Post

At my internship I came across a quote that really made me think: “purchasing is always a moral act” – Pope Francis. He’s right. Although buying your favorite cookie butter at Trader Joes or buying a Starbucks coffee on your way to work may not seem like a moral act, it is. By purchasing something you are supporting the product itself as well as the systems in place to produce it. If you buy the most beautiful looking apple from the supermarket, you are supporting the idea that food must look good to sell. That purchase decision tells the supermarket that they are correct in thinking that they should only purchase perfect produce from farmers. That message travels down the chain to the farmers, who then throw out perfectly good produce if it does not look good, and that contributes to the ever growing issue of food waste. This principle is also true in the fashion industry.… View Post