I have never been one to dress practically for the weather. I wear dresses and skirts until the cool air turns my legs purple, my outerwear of choice is a flannel, and I avoid pants like the plague (except my mom jeans, of course). Last year’s 65 degree Christmas day was a blessing: no warm sweaters or fuzzy socks were required. This year, however, I woke up to snow flurries on my first morning back from school. It has been a while since I’ve been in snow and, let me tell you, I was not prepared.… View Post

This post is like the return trip of my New Mexico road trip, or the second half of my weekend (and more specifically, the times not spent sitting in the back seat of a car). We spent our afternoon after balloons walking around Old Albuquerque, taking in everything it had to offer — including the bright turquoise doors that seemed to be on every corner, the classic Pueblo architecture, the most incredible quesadilla I have ever had, and good ‘ole souvenirs. After some much needed sleep and breakfast at McDonalds, we stopped at the Grand Canyon before heading back to school.… View Post