Leather Weather


Sweater: Forever 21 via Poshmark | Skirt: Timberland (thrifted & DIYed) | Wedges: Sperry Topsider | Backpack: purchased in Venice, Italy | Hat: Camp Dudley

(photography by Kathryn McSherry)

First off, I’d like to apologize to anyone who subscribes to me by email. Tunes And Tunics is now self hosted (woo!!) and I had some problems transferring over all of my posts. About 40 of my most recent posts – including this one and this one – didn’t make it. So I began manually posting them and backdating the posts and my lovely email subscribers ended up with 40+ emails from T&T. So to all of you, I’m sincerely sorry – it definitely won’t happen again!!!

Secondly, I’m so excited about all the feedback I’ve gotten on my first post of the New Year about my sustainability initiative. As I started a Tunes section of my posts last year, I’m going to be adding a Sustainability & Style section where I’ll talk about a sustainable piece of clothing in my outfit, a sustainable habit or a brand that stands out in terms of corporate social responsibility.

Sustainability & Style

This skirt will forever remind me of Burlington, Vermont. I purchased this gem on my first day off from being a camp counselor. It went down to my ankles and was too big in the waist, but I saw some hope in it. There was a seam right along the middle of the skirt and was easy to cut along, and I moved the button over so it would fit. I love the pockets, I love the length, and I love the leather. I want to step up my DIY game this year. Instead of scouring racks of clothing in brand name stores to find the perfect jean jacket or sundress, I want to find pre-loved items and give them another chance. Even then, there are plenty of items in my closet that, with a bit of an upgrade, could be staples in my wardrobe again.

Window shop for some inspiration from my picks below before you head over to Poshmark, or go out and thrift for some of your own amazing pieces that need a little love. Even better, look at your old favorite items in your closet and see what you can do to give them another life.


A new one from Spotify on my January playlist – “All I Got” by RAC ft. Peter Moren. It’s catchy and the vibe is sure to bring up your spirits. Sounds like a good song to kick off 2016, if you ask me.

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