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Top: Gap | Sweater: c/o Wet Seal (similar) | Jacket: thrifted via Downtown Threads | Skirt: Marshalls (similar) | Shoes: Marshalls (similar)

photography by Zoe McPheron

@ Camp Dudley at Kiniya

Camp is such a magical place. I have 11 incredible 12 year old campers. They tell me I’m a good singer and they laugh at my jokes and they listen to me (most of the time) when I tell them it’s time to wake up or time to go to bed. This year in my bottom bunk my head doesn’t hit the top bunk every time I sit up. I get to sit near the entrance to the kitchen in the dining hall. I always get first pick of the hot pockets and 7 layer bars. I did not, however, get blessed with a bathroom in my cabin, but I did get blessed with only get a short walk — with just one hill — to the senior bath house. I get to go on the same hike as last summer, where I got lost and wandered with 8 girls and our packs for 15 miles. Hopefully this time I’ll find the trail… and the lodge… and maybe the meadow again. (update: the meadow was found, the lodge was found, and we did not get lost)

This year I also got lucky enough to have the cabin closest to senior beach, where we go for dips during the day and where the sun sets at night. I’ve snuck down three times after flashlight time was over and every time has been breathtaking. There are very few places like senior beach. The sunsets are panoramic — the sun starts low to the left of the lake, right above the mountains, and slowly falls behind the the mountains and trees to the right of the lake. In case you can’t tell, I love senior beach and will probably be sneaking down there many more times this summer (meaning there are lots of sunset pics to come).


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