Fall Tunes


Last year I got really into Spotify and began religiously making monthly playlists. I finished my Freshman year, however, and have moved onto bigger and better things — seasonal playlists. I started my fall playlist in mid-August, which most definitely is not fall, however I needed a change from my camp playlist which I relied so heavily on this summer. But with the change of seasons actually occurring two days ago, I thought it would be fun to share some of the tunes I’ve been playing on repeat the past few weeks.

I have never been much of a Mac Miller fan, but his new album is really really good. His song “Dang!” is incredibly catchy and has the same vibes as old Justin Timberlake songs. And speaking of JT, I came across his song “Pusher Lover Girl” on none other than Obama’s summer Spotify playlist (which you can listen to here!). It’s quite a long song — just over eight minutes — but it really gets stuck in your head. Many of the other songs on part 1 come from my Discover Weekly Spotify Playlists. “Limousine” and “Old Thing Back” rap songs with an old-timey vibe which are similar to “Pusher Lover Girl”, which I must have played on repeat for two weeks straight. While I would’t say I’m an R&B/rap fan, I am a huge fan of these songs. New year, new Meg, new music taste?

Part 2 falls more into my old favorite music genre – singer/songwriter, acoustic, lyric dense stuff. “When She’s Near” is such a beautiful song and reminds me of the Beach Boys. “Dear Sophie” literally makes me smile every time I hear it; the chorus lyrics “So go on and dream as big as the sea/But don’t let the tide take you too far from me/Go on and find who you wanna be/And know that my love for you will never leave” are just so sweet, and it’s a total feel-good song. I became absolutely obsessed with John Mayer this summer. He occupied eight minutes of my twenty minute wake-up playlist at camp and has creeped his way into my fall playlist, too. John Mayer also played during one of the commercial breaks at the Emmys and I basically died; “Something Like Olivia” is one of my all time favorites by him. “Meadows” I actually discovered while watching a Jane The Virgin episode, which I’ve also gotten back into. I re-discovered my love for The 1975 after reverting back to my study playlist from last year for my first midterm last week. “Change of Heart” is such a beautiful song on the surface and the lyrics add such a different layer to it. It’s so good.

You can listen to part 1 and part 2 of my fall playlists below!


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