Sweater: American Apparel (on sale with an extra 40% off!) | Skirt: Vintage via. Melrose Trading Post | Boots: c/o Wet Seal (similar) | Necklace: The Giving Keys

photography by Mary Gilleland

The rain in LA has been quite the buzz kill for us Angelenos. If you haven’t experienced rain in LA, Buzzfeed was spot on in this video. People drive as if they are experiencing a hurricane, umbrellas are out in full force even during a light drizzle, and some people don’t even go to class if it’s raining outside. This rain, though, was something I don’t even remember experiencing on the East Coast. It poured for a week straight, the streets flooded, and my dorm’s fire alarm went off twice in one night because the roof was leaking. And when I say the streets flooded, I mean I had to walk through ankle-deep water to get onto the sidewalk. I couldn’t even jump from the street to the sidewalk to keep my truly ‘ole converse somewhat dry, there was that much water. The sun has been out for the past few days, though, and I could not be happier.

The rainy spell got me into a bit of an online shopping funk. I already talked about how sad I am that American Apparel is closing, so I won’t bore you with that all over again, but I am a big fan of the sales they are currently having. Being completely honest, I’ve worn this black sweater 5 times since it arrived a week ago. It’s super soft, perfectly cropped, and was on super sale. Everything is 40% off, and that discount applies to items already on sale! This sweater was $28 with an extra 40% off, making it a steal. I also got a super cozy jumpsuit and a corduroy bomber jacket.

Corduroy is making a huge comeback and I’m loving it. Not only is it perfect for this in-between weather we’re currently having in LA, but it brings me back to my elementary school days where I would sport bright green corduroy pants on the regular (but don’t get me wrong – I’m happy that the trend has manifested in something other than pants). Corduroy skirts and jackets are all the rage, and for the first time in a long time I feel ~trendy~. Normally I feel like shopping sustainably has prevented me from participating in some of the newest trends, like bell sleeves or embroidered everything, because (a) those kind of pieces aren’t always available second-hand and (b) slow fashion stores are called slow for a reason – getting a quick turnaround for a trendy piece isn’t as important to these stores as fast fashion chains, and for good reason. I guess I’ve just lucked out with finding this vintage corduroy skirt at Melrose Trading Post and swiping up an American Apparel corduroy jacket before it sold out online.

Also I want to point out my new favorite necklace – this key from The Giving Keys. The Giving Keys is a Los Angeles based company with an incredible message. Each key is imprinted with a word. You can choose from options online, like Breathe, Believe, Brave, Courage, Fearless, or Strength to name a few, or you can get a custom word like I did. My necklace says Bloom, which serves as a constant reminder of two of my favorite quotes: “bloom and grow forever” and “nothing in nature blooms all year, neither should you”. While these quotes may seem like opposites, together they remind me that nothing will go my way all the time, but that doesn’t mean I should stop moving forward. The premise of The Giving Keys is that you wear your key and then pass it on to someone who needs it more than you when that moment arises. Even cooler, they employ people transitioning out of homelessness. I’m a huge fan of this company, and am so excited to finally have my own necklace!!

Tunes: “Hypocrates” – Marina And The Diamonds. I rediscovered my love for Marina this morning and will for sure be listening to her until further notice. Big fan.


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