2016 Purchases

2016 purchases:   

1/15/16 – Victoria’s Secret VSX sport bra and workout leggings. Why? I have wanted a pair of quality workout leggings for some time and I got a Victoria’s Secret gift card for Christmas. They were having a deal: buy one VSX sports bra and get leggings free. It saved me over $30, and with my gift card I only paid $8. I felt like I needed to participate in the incredible deal. The sports bra that was the least expensive did not fit me at all, so I bought one in a generic size and decided to sell it on Poshmark to make some moneySustainable brand? No. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes and no (mostly no). I did not need to buy the sports bra, but I am not throwing it away; I am trying to get it in the hands of someone who would use it. On the other hand, I have been thinking about buying quality workout leggings for some time. I will use them for as long as I can.

1/20/16 – Brandy Melville tank top. Why? I went to a Brandy Melville shopping event with my sorority and we got 25% off. That never happens at Brandy Melville and I felt like I needed to buy it. Sustainable brand? Like Victoria’s Secret, there is no information online. I would assume that it is not sustainable. Sustainable purchase decision? No. I didn’t need this tank top. Damn you Brandy Melville and your insanely soft fabrics.

2/7/16 – American Apparel Muscle Tank. Why? I was in the American Apparel factory flea market, I needed a plain shirt, and it was only $10. Sustainable brand? Yes. Read about it hereSustainable purchase decision? Yes. I have worn the shirt multiple times already, including once on the blog, and I had been looking for a basic shirt for a while. Also, the American Apparel factory flea market is a very sustainable place to shop.

2/8/16 – Red Dress. Why?  I had a sorority philanthropy dinner that was Valentine’s Day themed and we had to wear white, pink or red dresses. I looked for a red dress in the American Apparel factory flea market, which I went to the day before, however none fit quite right. Sustainable brand? I purchased a red Urban Outfitters dress through the clothing resale app Poshmark. While Urban Outfitters is not a sustainable or ethical brand, reselling and purchasing used clothes on Poshmark is a great way to lessen the textile waste problem. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes.

3/13-20/16 – Tee Shirt, Silk Pajamas. Why? I was on my business class trip to China. I doubt I will be back to China anytime soon and wanted to have some mementos from my trip. Sustainable purchase decision? Absolutely not.

3/31/16 – Pink Dress. Why? For sorority recruitment we need to have specific colored dresses for certain days. I do not own anything pink. Sustainable brand? The dress itself is from H&M, however I bought it used on Poshmark (described above).  Sustainable purchase decision? Yes.

4/13/16 – Blue Dress. Why? Same as the pink dress, we need a specific color blue dress for recruitment. Sustainable brand? Tobi is not a sustainable brand, however (again) I bought it used on Poshmark. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes.

4/28/16 – White Shirt. Why? I didn’t have a plain white shirt and that was an issue. Sustainable brand? The shirt is Project Social T from Urban Outfitters, but I bought it on Poshmark. Project Social T is made in America, so there’s a better chance of it being produced ethically than if it was made abroad. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes.

5/8/16 – Jean Shorts. Why? I didn’t have any jean shorts. Sustainable brand? I bought them at Melrose Trading Post, a flea market; the shorts are vintage. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes.

5/8/16 – White Jean Shorts. Why? I didn’t have any jean shorts. Sustainable brand? Like the last ones, they are vintage from Melrose Trading Post. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes. 

5/8/16 – Jean Jacket. Why? It was really cute and I couldn’t resist. Sustainable brand? It is vintage from Melrose Trading Post. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes. 

5/8/16 – Flannel. Why? It was $5 and I always need more flannels. Sustainable brand? It is vintage from Melrose Trading Post. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes. 

6/11/16 – Skirt. Why? I liked it. Sustainable brand? Yes, I got it at a thrift stand at a street fair. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes.

6/14/16  – Two tops, Dress. Why? In preparation for camp it was clear that I needed more non-cotton tops that I could wear hiking. I also just liked the dress. Sustainable brand? I got these items at Marshalls, so most likely no. Sustainable purchase decision? No.

6/15/16 – White Tank Top. Why? I needed a nice white shirt for chapel at camp. Sustainable brand? Yes and no — It was from H&M however it was not part of the Conscious Collection. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes. While it was not part of the Conscious Collection, H&M does have an entire department that focuses on sustainability.

7/23/16 – White Top. Why? I liked it. Sustainable brand? It is not sustainable however it was made in the US, so I felt better about buying it. I also have worn it twice in the two days since I got it, so I know it will definitely get used. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes in that it will get used, however no in that it is not made sustainably.

8/1/16 – Patterned Hiking Top. Why? It was a dry-fit hiking shirt and I liked the pattern. Sustainable brand? No, however I purchased it second hand in the consignment section of a store called Outdoor Gear Exchange. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes.

8/15/16 – Suede Skirt and Tweed Shirt. Why? They fit me perfectly and will be worn many times. Sustainable brand? No, the shirt was from J. Crew and the skirt was a vintage brand, however I bought both in a thrift/consignment store. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes.

8/15/16 – Flannel Nightgown (yes, you read that right). Why? I was in a Pajamagram Outlet and tried to find the most ridiculous item on the racks. There was a long sleeved, floor length flannel nightgown with “Katie” embroidered over a pocket. I loved it. Sustainable brand? Absolutely not, however it was a product that was returned, so it was not created with the intention of being sold in a store. The only other option was throwing it away, so I do not feel as though it was an unsustainable purchase. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes (?)

9/8/16Blue dress, Blue top, Bikini top. Why? I wanted to do some shopping. Sustainable brands? No. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes. I purchased these through ThredUp which is a second-hand clothing website.

10/4/16 – Brandy Melville Top. Why? I needed a nice white top. It’s silky and on trend and is something I knew I would wear a lot. Sustainable brand? [read above entries about Brandy Melville]. This top was made in the USA, so it’s better than nothing. Sustainable purchase decision? No.

11/14/16 – Zara dress. Why? I got excited. It’s cute. Sustainable brand? Nope. Sustainable purchase decision? Yes! I got it on Poshmark. It’s brand new and the previous owner never wore it, and did not plan on wearing it.

Total items purchased by me in 2016: 29

Average items purchased per person per year in the US: 68